Specific, timely and relevant information about herbs and herbal products to help us live a natural and healthy life.

It is our opinion that when we live a life filled with natural ingredients, not only is our physical health much improved, but so too is our mental and emotional health. Just as vegetables are important to our diet, herbs and supplements are important to our need to improve our physical well-being when we're feeling down and the sun and wind are important when we need an emotional or mental boost.

Point is that Mother Natural has provided all the things we need to get and stay at a point of great health!



Supplements tested personally and recommended for you.

The products we have for sale for you to buy through this website, as well as most of the products detailed on our blog pages have been personally tested and we have first hand information about their efficacy.

We live a lifestyle that is free of pharmaceuticals and believe that remedies to all health conditions have been provided by Mother Nature. We provide information on the products that have worked for us as we believe they can work for you, too.



Food and recipes targeted for specific health conditions.

Food is the fuel our bodies run on. And, if we start with the right fuel for our bodies, our bodies perform at optimum levels and generally stay in top condition.

However, sometimes outside events and elements do affect our lives through stress, which ultimately ends up in some form of Dis-Ease. And, so Dis-Ease usually requires a it time to heal or a rebalancing of the chemical make up inside our bodies.

Mother Nature provides a tremendous amount of natural remedies for us to use to get our bodies back in balance.

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Benefits of Plants & Herbs


When we eat proper fruits, vegetables and herbs that match our blood type and body type, we have more energy to go through the day with ease.


Virtually all adverse health conditions our bodies experience have an herbal remedy that can get our bodies back into balance.


When our bodies are getting what they need to function properly, they make the right chemicals to keep our mental state of being in balance and can ward off depression and stress.


As our bodies get the nutrients they need and very little sugar, fats, salts and man-made chemicals, our skin, eyes, hair and nails take on an appearance of vibrance and health!