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Humful Fulvic Acid Complex- 1oz

Humful Fulvic Acid Complex- 1oz

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What's all the hype about Fulvic Acid?

We are seeing and hearing many personalities touting the benefits of fulvic acid.   One of the greatest claims for the use of fulvic acid is to remove the heavy metals found in our bodies.  Our lifestyle today is allowing our bodies to become "poisoned" with heavy metals and our health and outlook are paying the price.  But, what is fulvic acid?

What IS Humful Fulvic Acid?

Let's start first with "who is Humful?".  Humful is a US based brand who has a relationship with a multi-decade developer of fulvic acid.  The source of this developers humic minerals is land that has been designated as an ancient mineral deposit here in the U.S which is from an old sea bed.  Since this is a private entity, they focus on quality rather than big company profits.  Most companies focus on getting high mineral content at whatever the cost to quality.  This is accomplished by using acids to remove the minerals, but this can damage the quality of the trace minerals being sought.

Humful's supplier, on the other hand, focusing on obtaining the highest quality fulvic acid compounds, first removes the minerals from the ground.  They then put the material through a proprietary composting process lasting nearly a decade.  Once the composting process has broken down the minerals, the finest water from the Appalachian region (USA) is drawn from a protected water source and used for the final flush out of the minerals.  All this is considered a very gentle way to allow Mother Nature to release the trace minerals being sought.  And, the years of composting break the minerals down slowly and gently, but also to a very fine degree allowing for greater bioavailability (absorption by the body) of these trace minerals.  And, that is what puts these folks in a "hum-ful" mood.

So, that is who Humful is  and why their fulvic acid is considered some of the highest quality, most bioavailable, fulvic acid complex from the U.S. on the market today.

But, we haven't yet answered "What exactly is Fulvic Acid?".  So, let's do that now.

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:  "Fulvic Acidany of various water-soluble organic acids of high molecular weight derived from humus."

So, it is a natural, organic compound found in soil, plants and water.  Within it, trace minerals and elements that benefits plants and animals are found.  Since they are water soluble, they are easily absorbed by the bodies of animals (humans) and plants.

Recently, it has become increasingly popular among health enthusiasts due to its potential health benefits.  Fulvic Acid, (which is in fairly high concentration in Shilajit, another popular substance used by the health conscious for improved well-being and specific health conditions for centuries) is known to be rich in minerals and vitamins and antioxidants.

So, that's what it is, but why take it?


Benefits of Fulvic Acid:

Here's a story about shilajit from a couple centuries back.  A tribesman in the Himalayan Mountains noticed a group of monkeys who seemed to age slower and be stronger, more energetic and somewhat more resistant to sickness than other groups of monkeys in the area.  The tribesman noticed that each day the monkeys would disappear for a while, so he followed them to see where they were going.  Each day, after a very difficult journey, the monkeys returned to the same area to eat a tar-like substance found in cracks of the rocky mountainside.  Assuming this might be why the group of monkeys seemed healthier than the others in the area, the tribesman took some of the black goo back to the village to share with others.  They quickly noticed that they, like the monkeys, had more energy, were more vibrant and generally felt better than normal.  They didn't know then, but they stumbled onto what is known as "shilajit" (she-lah'-jit), which as we discussed above, is also high in fulvic acid.

Through this account, we learn that a benefit of shilajit and potentially fulvic acid is a greater sense of well-being and increased energy.  But, below are some other reported potential benefits found on many reputable websites.  We have to acknowledge here that the studies on fulvic acid have been few and much more research is needed to truly qualify these claims.  

  • Elizabeth Bradley, MD, says studies look promising for fulvic acid to aid patients with Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Inflammatory problems.
  • Improved Sleep
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Better Mood
  • Improved Strength and Immunity of Body, Nails and Hair
  • Detox/Remove Heavy Metals from the Body


What Side Effects does Fulvic Acid Have?

Since fulvic acid has been used for year's, decades and maybe even centuries without any serious side effect causing the world to stop using it, it's generally considered safe as long as reasonable, moderate amounts are taken.  However, please note that more studies need to be conducted to truly qualify this statement.  Additionally, please discuss with your medical practitioner before using fulvic acid, especially if taken with other medications and treatments.  But, generally, taking the serving size listed on bottles of fulvic acid is generally considered safe.

Once again, information found on various reputable websites report the following, generally mild, side effects from taking fulvic acid:

  • Mild Joint Pain
  • Sore throat/Phlegm
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Abdominal Discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Malaise

It is expected that most of the occurrences of these side effects are from taking higher amounts of lower quality fulvic acid.  But, do be aware of these occurrences in case you notice them in your own use.  Be advised though that many of the above effects are also side effects of detoxification.  So, it is advised to either stop taking fulvic acid altogether or reduce the consumption for several days, then potentially increase it in a few days once your body and mind feel ready.

There are some side effects that can become problematic if taking fulvic acid with other medications and remedies.  It is advised to NOT take fulvic acid if you're taking other medications or supplements or remedies.  Fulvic acid can cause your cells to take in other medications, etc. more readily causing them to be too effective which may not be good for your health.  If you do decide to take medications, etc. with fulvic acid, it is recommended to take them at least 30-60 minutes apart from each other.

Medications that are designed to prevent blood clotting, or to suppress the immune system, or thyroid hormones should not be taken with fulvic acid without first getting approval from your medical professional.  

Other warnings about fulvic acid include not using chlorinated or fluoridated water to mix with as these can cause unknown mutagens.  Also, do not use metal utensils, as fulvic acid is corrosive to metal items much the same way it chelates metals from the body.  If you have any questions about your possible use of fulvic acid please consult your medical professional.

If you're concerned about the heavy metal buildup in your body and would like to potentially detox from them and at the same time improve your mood and energy, consider Humful Fulvic Acid today!


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Great Quality Fulvic Acid

I've taken FA for a number of years, used to get it at a badass local shop, but they closed. Been searching online for a while for a good one. This one's got the right taste and the right color. I think its probably even higher quality than the one I had been using. Many out there are watery muck at best. Try this one you won't be disaapointed.

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