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Highland Pharms Awaken CBD Gummies with CBG and Green Tea Extract

Highland Pharms Awaken CBD Gummies with CBG and Green Tea Extract

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Highland Pharms Awaken CBD Gummies with CBG and Green Tea Extract

Okay, these are truly some of the best CBD Gummies available anywhere....for several reasons.

Each Gummy has:

#1.  25mg of CBD from full spectrum extract of Organically Grown, Colorado Hemp.  (Full Spectrum means it has more than just CBD.  It also has all the other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDa, CBCa, CBNa, CBGa, phytronutrients, omega acids and so much more.  All these other compounds work synergistically so that they each compound the effect of the other.  Its like having a huge MULTIPLIER!)

#2.  25mg additional CBG.  Cannabigerol is being studied and has proven to be effective in the control of pain and inflammation, as well as other issues like being an anti-bacterial agent, anxiety and stress reduction and more.

#3.  Green Tea Extract for a nice, gentle push to start your day.  No jitters from too much caffeine.  Again, just a nice nudge.

#4  Added Terpenes - Limonene and Pinene. 

Limonene is naturally found in hemp plants and is being studied for it’s potential benefits of reducing or preventing pain and inflammation, and it too may be another great antibacterial agent.  Additionally, studies suggest it may help with reducing appetite, decreasing stress and anxiety and for aiding healthy digestion.

Pinene is being studied, like Limonene, for it’s potential benefits of reducing inflammation and easing anxiety.  And, it may help in the reduction of sensitivities to asthma triggers.

#5.  GREAT TASTING!  Nothing here to make you gag or wonder why you're taking them.  Just great tasting, yumminess!

So, yeah, do your research.  But, I have personally known the founders at Highland Pharms for years.  These guys were one of the first 10 companies in the Hemp CBD space back in 2015.  They have always been committed to the best hemp, the best cbd, the best ingredients, the best products and the best customer service.  That's why they're still around.

Highland Pharms' CBD products are made in the USA with hemp extract from premium quality hemp plants grown in Colorado.  The plants are all clones so the farm generally knows how high the CBD content is and the ratios of cannabinoids and phytonutrients which will be produced.  Each plant is meticulously cloned and grown all the way through the flowering stage.

Check these out today!  You won't be disappointed!

CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Stress

Many of our customers have let us know that they love Awaken CBD Gummies for anxiety and stress reduction.  The CBD, CBG and Terpenes are believed to be a large reason why these customers report a much calmer day no matter what comes at them.

Best Seller!

CBD Oil and CBG Oil are both highly sought after compounds for all their reported health benefits.  Try some today and find out why so many people are using these great tasting gummies from Highland Pharms.

Ingredients:  Fruit Slices [Organic Glucose Syrup(Wheat), Organic Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid,Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavors, Organic Concentrates(Apple, Carrot, Pumpkin, Black Currant), WheatStarch, Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, HempCannabigerol (CBG) Isolate, Organic Green Tea Extract,Terpenes. (Contains <0.3% THC)CONTAINS: WHEAT.

Contains wheat and is packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brett N.
We take daily

I originally bought these for myself, but my wife started taking them too. Now, we both take them. I guess its the CBD that helps me with my pain and helps me sleep at night. My wife likes the gentle boost each day and knowing that she's getting CBD, too. A really great gummy for everyday use.

Sharon Brewster
Love These

I've been eating 1 of these every morning for almost 2 weeks and each day I just seem to feel more energetic, happy and bright. You know, nothing like coffee caffeine or anything like that where you go up, then you come down. It just seems like I keep rolling all day long. And, I notice I've been sleeping so much better at night.

J. Macke

These things are the bomb! Helps me with pain, energy thru the day and sleep at night.

Pete Thornbury
I start every day with these

I take these every day and my not only does my arthritis feel MUCH better, but my blood pressure is notably lower....per my doctor! I thought the green tea might cause me caffeine issues, but no. These gummies are just a great way to get me off to a great start each day. Highly recommend these.

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