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Daily Herbalist

While I have been primarily responsible for this website, by no means can I say I am the only one involved.  My wife and I both believe what we put into our bodies truly matters.  We gave up most fried foods decades ago.  And, we gave up non-organic fruits and vegetables, as much as we could, about 10 years ago.  We also now try to eat only pasture raised, anti-biotic free meats. 

Fortunately for me, she is the experimental one.  She has recently gotten into finding all kinds of recipes for homemade, all natural remedies to keep us healthy.  She loves to find the recipes, shop for the recipes and make the actual remedies and treatments.  I, on the other hand, love to eat or drink all that she makes!  

And, we both agree that pharmaceuticals are not the answer for us, we simply don't take them.  Nor do we take over the counter products except for maybe a bit of Benadryl from time to time.

We believe that the food we put into our bodies is paramount to maintaining good health, both physical, as well as mental.  And, we believe that Mother Nature has provided us with answers to any possible health condition that might arise.  

My wife is amazing and is the best partner I could ask for on this journey.

I was previously a Corporate guy, but left that to find a simpler life.  I have ran my own businesses now for about 15 years.  This affords me the freedom to live a life outside of the norm.  Society seems to want to keep us all on the treadmill of life running until we flat give out.  So far I've been able to break away from it about 50/50.  I'm not some "live in the mountains, milk my goats and eat whatever morsels are growing in the woods out back of my cabin" kind of guy.  I like to live comfortably and provide well for my family.  But, I try to get outside in the sun every day.  I try to spend time with my kids as much as they'll let me.  And, I try to laugh as much as I can.  And, I try my best to live a life free from pharmaceuticals and food from "dead" sources.  Food should have an uplifting energy to it and shouldn't just be some conveyor-belt made food or animal.

This website is an outlet for me as well as a business.  This site allows me the opportunity to voice my opinions, share some cool things I've learned and try to help others get off "the treadmill" as much as they may want....and, to be healthy while doing so.

Whenever we come across a natural treatment or remedy that is different than most others we've found and is highly effective, we share them through this website.

Beyond my wife and I there are a host of others who help with the marketing, the customer service and all the shipping.  We wish you the best life possible and we will keep striving to finding and bringing forth only the highest quality, natural remedies, supplements and treatments for optimum health that we possibly can.

Thanks for visiting and let us know if we can help in any way!