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Tongkat Ali (aka Longjack) for Men's Libido

Ok, so, yeah....this day and age there are pills for this and pills for that.  And, of course, we guys know there are several different pills for Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.).  But, those are all prescription pharmaceuticals.  So, the question is:  Are there any natural supplements or remedies for E.D. or Low Libido?

Are There any Natural Supplements or remedies for E.D. or Low Libido?

Simple enough question, of course.  But, logic alone should tell us that since man has been walking the Earth for somewhere between 6,000 years and a few hundred thousand years, depending on who you ask, and pharmaceuticals have only been around for decades, the answer has to be yes! 

I mean, do you really think that all those men walking around for thousands of years with limp manhoods didn't find SOME way to get it up and keep it hard?  Hell, if he hadn't, chances are that our species wouldn't have even survived, much less thrived.  You put thousands of frustrated men on the planet without any 9-5 jobs and a bunch of naked or nearly naked women running around....and, well, yeah, surely they'd figure SOMETHING out, right?  Hell, I know I'd be chewing on a tree or eating a snail or something just out of pure frustration.  And, at some point, one of those trees or snails would be make me go "BOINK"!  "Hey, look at this!"

So, then, what?  Of course, you know the opinion of the Daily Herbalist is that there is pretty much a natural treatment for virtually any and all health conditions that we humans, and pretty much all animals on the planet, experience.  Mother Nature has us covered.  And, in the case of Low Libido, we have Tongkat Ali, which is also known in the western world as Longjack.  Both of these names refer to a root extract from Eurycoma longifolia, which is also known as "Malaysian Ginseng".  

So, here's what is known.  Men, as we age, generally experience a lowering of testosterone levels.  With this reduction of this critical manhood hormone, we experience poor energy levels, sedentary lifestyles and yes, a reduction in our Libido, our "sex drive", the inner feeling of "Damn, I'd like to be a heck of a lot closer to that girl!"  This feeling of being less than we used to be leads to a mental heaviness and even depression for some.  We have a need to be wanted.  We have a need to mean something to someone, to stand for something, to be known as the "go-to guy" for getting shit done.  Getting EVERYTHING done, if you know what I mean.  But, yeah, as we age, we tend to get replaced by the younger, more virile men in the "tribe".  Sucks.

So, back to Mother Nature.  Among other herbs, Tongkat Ali, or Longjack, has been studied in many clinical trials for a possible natural treatment to the Low Libido issue.  It had been used throughout Southeastern Asia for centuries as traditional tonic to increase healthy sex drive and virility.  And, now all those studies have provided clinical evidence for the centuries old understanding of Tongkat Ali being a natural treatment for Libido issues.

But, and this is a big "but", keep in mind the traditional uses for this herb and most others was to use it fresh.  It wasn't used by harvesting it, drying it, shipping it, processing it, packing it, storing it, and hoping it sells someday.  Used to, it was shaved off the root and immediately turned into a tonic, elixir or possibly even a chew.  Nowadays, many of our herbs are so old and stale by the time they reach our mouths they have little to no effect.  So, be sure when trying Tongkat Ali, or any herb for that matter, that you get it at the level of freshness that it should be.  Otherwise, you'll be wasting a lot of money like I have in my pursuit of finding good herbs.

So, yeah, Tongkat Ali, aka Longjack, has been used for centuries and now is proven by clinical studies to help men struggling with low libido.

Does Tongkat Ali help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Now, as for it's effect on Erectile Dysfunction, generally not so much.  I say it like this because it's possible that a guy with mild E.D. could get harder than normal just from having an Amped Up Libido.  I mean, he sees his beautiful wife and his drive gets hard enough to make his penis hard, too.  

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Bottom line, it does work for many.  The ways of old support this fact and clinical studies support this fact.  But to use this natural supplement appropriately for Low Libido or for any chance at erectile dysfunction improvement, you better find some good quality herb or you'll still be "limp in hand".

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