Tea for gut health

Simple, Good Tasting Tea to Aid Digestion

Okay, guys, this is a real simple one.  If you're like me, from time to time you need to help your digestive tract.  So, next time at the grocery store, go to the baking aisle to the spices and get an organic jar each of the following:

  • Coriander Seed
  • Fennel Seed
  • Cumin Seed

And, if you don't already own some, either get some non-bleached empty tea bags for loose tea or one of those metal loose tea holder ball things.

Whenever your stomach or intestines aren't feeling quite right, put 1/2 teaspoon of each seasoning above into the tea bag or metal holder and steep it in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes.  

Simple, right?

Okay, get ready, because it's not a sweet tea or anything even remotely close to it.  In fact, I call it "Taco Tea".....you'll see why.  LOL

Anyway, yeah, it's more like having a cup of broth or something, but the stuff is dynamite on gassiness, bloating, and sluggish bowels.  Okay, now that we're all grossed out, whatever, we're guys, right?  Anyway, make a cup for your wife or girlfriend when she needs it and you'll be her hero all over again....After she says "this tastes like tacos!".

Okay, so here's what I and others use this tea for:

  • Digestive Aid
  • Relieve Bloating
  • Relieve Gassy
  • Sluggish Bowels
  • Helps Breakdown Fats
  • Even helps Lactating Mothers (yeah, pull that one on your wife!)

Another great use for this tea is either right before or right after a big ass meal, you know the kind with all kinds of foods where your "plate runneth over".  Think Thanksgiving or SuperBowl.  This tea will really help move this stuff through you in a good way, not an "Oh, HELL!  Where's the bathroom??!!" kind of way.

Try it.  Keep an open mind.  The first time you taste tacos in your teacup, you're gonna be a little miffed.  But, after it works, you'll gladly reach for it the second time, I assure you.

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