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Semenax Review from an Actual User

Ok, guys, or girls, if you're interested....

So, I wasn't really planning on writing anything about Semenax just yet.  I only started taking it Sunday and it's now Wednesday.  So, yeah, figured it would be a few weeks, but damn, kinda excited about this stuff.

So, if you've been following any of my writings, you know I use Prime Flow - Beet Root and Nitric Oxide Capsules from Prime Life Research for my daily E.D. treatment.  That is what keeps me going so that I can enjoy sex on a regular basis, I don't have to stress about whether I can perform.  And, no, it's not 100%, but it works for me about 80-90% of the time.  And, unlike Viagra, the little blue pill, I don't have to plan on when my wife and I will be having sex.  I take 2 Prime Flow in the morning and 2 in the evening and I can pretty much chill out until my wife wants it hotter...haha.

Anyway, so yeah, that's been my regimen.  But, I came across Semenax (no pun intended) and Sunday was my day to start testing it out.  The manufacturer says to take 4 capsules daily.  And, quite honestly, I'm on so many herbal supplements I have to spread out some things so that I can absorb enough of each that they can be effective.  So, instead of all 4 at once, I took 2 in my mid-morning empty stomach and 1 more in my mid-afternoon empty stomach on Sunday, for just a total of 3 capsules per day.

Monday morning, my wife and I are in bed and well, things happen.  And, HOLY SHIT, the feeling of my orgasm was effin awesome!  I have no idea how much semen I produced.  I know that's the purpose of Semenax, but I'm still not sure why anyone would want a large amount of semen, but hey, who am I to judge.  You want to be spermy, you be you!  But, for real, man, was literally the best cum of my life.

Better Orgasm for Men Herbal Supplement E.D.

That experience and that alone was why I wanted to write about Semenax after just one day.  But, my schedule didn't really allow me to write on Monday, so here I am Wednesday.

Then, Tuesday morning rolled around and well, things happened again.  No complaints here!  And, again, Holy Jesus!  A really good orgasm.  My wife was digging everything, too.  

By the way, same supplement schedule on Monday as Sunday:  2 in the mid-morning, 1 in the mid-afternoon.  

And, so yeah, that's been my experience so far.  Again, I have no idea how much sperm I'm producing.  And, truthfully, I personally don't care.  But, the intensity of the orgasm is worth this stuff's weight in gold.

BTW, the only negative I have on it so far is that it seems to be a little rough on the stomach, which is why I only take 3 capsules per day.  Not 100% sure yet, but my diet is pretty streamlined.  So, I'm pretty sure it's the Semenax.  Still worth it, tho!

That's it for now.  I'll keep up with things for a few weeks and update this post later.  But, I couldn't wait to tell you all about this stuff.  

Click the image below to view the company's website and to learn much more than what I've told you.  But, hey, I'm a fan!


Okay picking up the conversation 20 days later.  And, yeah, I'm definitely a fan!  

Semenax really claims 2 things:  

  • To enhance orgasms
  • To increase amount of semen

Let's take the 2nd item first:  To increase semen production.

I've never had any issue producing semen.  I've been told by more than one partner that I produce quite a bit.  So, ok, there's that.  Since I've been using Semenax I can't say I see a noticeable amount (like when I pull out or masturbate).  But, I THINK there MIGHT be a little more than usual.  ????

Now, for the 1st item:  To enhance orgasms.

I'll say that this stuff DEFINITELY WORKS IN THIS DEPARTMENT.  But, there is a bit of a drawback, which I'll go into in a minute.

Okay, so first, this stuff makes me freaking orgasm like mad.  But, it's not just the orgasm.  It's the entire intercourse...IT FEELS GREAT!  So, that's freakin' cool!

Second, when I do actually cum, Holy Moly I can't stop thrusting!  WHEW!

But, third, and this is the bit of a drawback, which I HAVE just recently gotten under control:  Since the feeling during sex is so good and since I know the orgasm is going to be awesome, I find myself rushing to the finish line.  Kinda like an 8 year old kid masturbating for the first time.  It feels so good!  You just gotta blow.  So, know this can be an issue.  At least it is for me.  And, remind yourself going into the interlude that it's gonna be great, like great sex should be.  But, tell yourself to slow down and enjoy every minute of it.  Don't race to the finish line.  Come in second, if you know what I mean.  Let your partner enjoy your enjoyment as much as you are!

Now, here's some more review info:

Semenax has helped me over the past several weeks stay "pumped" up even during the day, if you know what I mean.  It doesn't make me hard throughout the day.  But, my penis definitely feels firmer and appears bigger.  Bigger not by a huge amount, but guys, you know what I mean here.  Sometimes, we shrink up and sometimes we relax out.  So, imagine relaxing out AND feeling a bit pumped.  It's a nice feeling.

I think because of that, it also helps in the combating E.D. department, too.  I mean, since I'm walking around all day feeling a bit more manly than normal, well, when it comes to being next to my beautiful bride at night or in the morning, yeah, I'm a little more "ON".  And, so, read down further and you'll see a detailed explanation of the herbs I take daily.  Because, I'm telling you, since I've introduced Semenax into my body, I've been able to get hard EVERY time I've wanted.  AND, I wake up hard EVERY morning!  Period!

So, yeah, in summary of this herbal supplements claims:

More Semen....I think so

Enhanced Orgasm.....HELL YES!


Alright guys, if you care to know, I take several herbal supplements throughout

Semenax More Semen Herbal Supplement

the day.  And, now, I have to admit, I'm adding Semenax to my daily regimen, because honest to God's truth, I have gotten hard every time I've wanted over the past several weeks since adding Semenax to my herbal supplement regimen.  I can't say it has CURED my erectile dysfunction, because if I stop taking it, I can't count on the same result.  But, while I'm taking it, ALL is GOOD!

So, yeah, there are 3 key ingredients in my daily supplement regimen and here's how I take them.

1.  Prime Flow Beet Root Powder with Nitric Oxide:  1 capsule in the morning before breakfast, 2 before bed.  Both on an empty stomach, but with at least a glass of water.  This is a known erectile dysfunction supplement, as well as a great supplement for body building as it increases blood flow through the muscles.  For me, it works well for my E.D.....80-90% or so, but not 100%.

2.  Daily Herbalist Moringa and Matcha SuperEnergy Capsules (will be here in a couple of days):  2 capsules in the morning (with Prime Flow) with at least 12oz water.  I take 1 more mid-afternoon with my second Semenax.  There are herbs in the Moringa + Matcha product for erectile dysfunction.  This helps me to feel firm throughout the day, and quite honestly, what guy doesn't like that?

3.  Semenax:  2 capsules mid morning with at least 12oz water.  This is after breakfast has moved out of my stomach and before I have any mid-morning snack.  1 more capsule mid-afternoon with my Daily Herbalist Moringa + Matcha Super Energy, again, with at least 12oz water.

So, Primeflow and Daily Herbalist first thing in morning.  Semenax in mid-morning.  Daily Herbalist Moring + Matcha and Semenax in mid-afternoon.  Primeflow before bed.  This is what works for me.   You can experiment if you like or you can try my regimen.  I'm telling you though, for the last 4 weeks I have gotten hard more times than I've needed and more times than my wife has wanted!

(NOTE:  The bottle of Semenax says to take 4 capsules.  I only take 3 as 4 were just too many, my stomach was a bit upset.  I only weigh 155lbs so 3 seems to be ideal for my weight.  If you weigh more, consider taking the 4.)

Guys, there are very few things I will go out on a limb and say you need to check out.  But, YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS STUFF OUT.  Just be sure to pair it with Daily Herbalist Moringa + Matcha and I think you need the Prime Flow, too!


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