CircO2 Oxygen Booster and Circulation Support

Personal Review for CircO2 Beet Root Nitric Oxide Booster Lozenge

Alright guys, you know I'm not here to be negative.  With me, it's "just the facts, ma'am".  I found CircO2 Oxygen Booster and Circulation Support Lozenges, watched the video, and was like "WOW! This stuff's GOTTA work."  

I use Prime Flow Beet Root with Nitric Oxide as discussed elsewhere on this site and I know how well it does for me.  And, since I know a thing or two about absorption being better through the mouth than through the stomach or intestines, I was like, "Oh, yeah, this stuff is gonna be the bomb!"

I use Prime Flow for erectile dysfunction, while others use it for heavy duty body building.  The main purpose is to open up the blood vessels and fill them with Oxygen.  Prime Flow does it well for me.  But, CircO2 in their video sounded amazing.  So, I was stoked!

Prime Flow -vs- CircO2

Like normal, I ordered just one box to see how it did for me.  They give you a price break if you buy 2 or 3 at a time, but for me, I've learned to just buy one, try it and go from there.

So, here are the reasons the CircO2 sounded so good to me, especially compared to my Prime Flow:

  • Oral Lozenge for Best Absorption
  • Vitamin B for Quick Boost
  • Vitamin C for Extra Health Boost
  • L-Citrulline to help Produce More Nitric Oxide Levels

When the product got here, I decided I'd take one each day mid-morning.  So, the next day, one went into my mouth.  Tasted good.  Dissolved well.  Was initially impressed.

I stopped taking my Prime Flow that first day to see what I could tell.  Nothing

CircO2 Supplement Info and Ingredients

really.  Generally woke up hard each morning, or at least hardish.  However, I could definitely feel the Vitamin B.  Turns out it has 16,000+ % of daily RDA of Vitamin B.  So, man, my push ups before lunch were a breeze.  My squats, no problem.  My crunches, easy.  And, my curls, boom!  In fact, I'd do more per set than normal.  I thought, hey, this is cool!

I kept taking them for 5 more days.  

Seemingly unrelated, I started having stomach cramps, indigestion and localized pain in my stomach whenever I'd eat or drink anything.  This started lightly after day 3 or so, but by day 6 I was in intense pain.  I was at my brothers for a fishing trip with the guys.  So, yes, there was some drinking.  But, my first night, I went to bed after only having about half my normal alcohol intake.  The discomfort was so bad I decided to not take any supplements that night or the next morning.  

The next morning, breakfast was somewhat uncomfortable going into my stomach.  But, honestly, it wasn't as bad as dinner the night before.  Lunch, same.  A little better.  No supplements that night either.  Next morning's breakfast was generally okay, with just a little discomfort.

I drove home that afternoon and took only my normal supplements and a glass of wine before bed.  This is normal routine for me.  No real issue.  Next morning, I took my normal supplements again and my food intake was normal and everything felt relatively comfortable.  The next day was another normal day but I re-introduced the CircO2 back into my regimen.  That night, dinner was uncomfortable and the wine caused discomfort.

Finally, the next day, normal supplements without CircO2 and all went mostly well after breakfast.  I haven't taken CircO2 Oxygen Booster and Circulation Support any more and all has been fine.

Summary of Review of CircO2 

So, what does this mean?  It means it seemingly was the cause of MY discomfort.  This could be because of my stomach or something else.  I've never had any issues taking anything like this.  So, I was surprised when it started happening.  And, again, I could tell I woke up hard or at least hardish like I do with Prime Flow.

So, in summary, I'd say the Beet Root and Nitric Oxide aspect works as well as my Prime Flow.  But, there was something, I'm guessing the high level of Vitamin B, that seemed to cause me issues.  More testing would need to be done to confirm this for me.  But, I'm happy with my normal Beet Root product and have no real desire to change.

Although, the Vitamin B and Vitamin C boost seemed to give me an extra push when working out, which I totally dug.

This was MY experience.  Others may not have the same stomach and intestinal issues that I had.  And, I'm only guessing that it was the Vitamin B causing me the issue.  I really don't know.  But, what I do know is that when I took the CircO2 I had stomach issues.  When I stopped, I didn't.

So, yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  

Peace Out.....

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