Sildenafil - A Backup for Erectile Dysfunction

Okay, guys, you know I'm always here for you.  And, you know I don't care for any pharmaceuticals.  Hopefully, you're able to find an herbal supplement solution for your erectile dysfunction on this site.  There are many that I detail.

But, we have be honest and face facts sometimes.  Sometimes, the herbs just don't get it done.  I hate to admit that, even for me, sometimes I need a backup.  And, a couple years back I signed up with and was prescribed some sildenafil.  I always keep some on hand.  While I almost never take it because my herbal supplements for E.D. do an amazing job of taking care of me, once or twice a year I do take half of my recommended dosage of generic viagra (sildenafil citrate).  

Hims E.D. viagra and Mens products

See, my prescribed dosage is 2-20mg pills.  However, as I've written elsewhere on my blogs that much just makes me feel like crap!  Headaches, flushing, swollen sinuses, and just generally shitty.  

But, like I was saying, every now and then I'm looking at my wife looking at me and I just now its gonna go down (he says smilingly).  And, for whatever reason at that particular time I just don't want to chance that night as being one of the rare times when my herbs don't give me 100% firmness.  So, I'll take 1 of the pills, just half a dose.

So, yeah, ok...that's the point of today's blog.  If you want a back up, I like because it's pretty easy, discreet and well priced.  Here's how it works:

  • On the homepage there's place to "FIND MY TREATMENT", click there.
  • There will be a series of questions, answer them.
  • The site will guide you through, step by step, what you need to do.
  • One of the final steps will be for a real doctor to reach out to you via chat to confirm all the previously obtained info.
  • They'll prescribe something for you.
  • You pay and it ships.
  • It arrives in an unmarked package.
  • You use and hopefully you get hard.  Very hard! (at least that's my experience)

Whatever amount they prescribe or suggest, start by ordering less than what you think you'll need.  That's my advice.  I have NEVER used even half of what I've ordered and I've reduced my subscription quantity a couple of times.  Most goes into the trash, because I simply don't use it a lot.  Again, I don't like it and my VigRXPlus and my PRIME FLOW work very well for me.

They have added a lot of products since when I first signed up with them.  Products for thinning hair, premature ejaculation, lube, condoms and even an acne treatment product, currently.  I tried their thinning hair package when I first signed up but found no benefit from it.  It might work for you though, the reviews are really good for it.

Their service has always been top notch and I've never had a shipment delayed due to an out of stock situation or anything.  They really do make this tough situation as easy as they can, I think.

Anyway, like I say, I hate to even have a prescription pharmaceutical item on the website.  But, as I said in the beginning of this blog, I'm here for you.  And, I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't share everything so you can make your own choices.

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