Natural Herbal Supplement for E.D. and Low Libido

Erectin - Natural Herbal Formula Increases Sex Drive & Firmness

Okay, guys, as you know, I am in my late 50's and well, for me, with that comes less drive and less hardness.  But, my wife is a gorgeous Latina and I'm not ready to give up.  As you know I'm a huge fan of the Prime Flow Beet Root with Nitric Oxide as it does wonders for me as long as I don't have too much alcohol and I get outside for sunshine and exercise.  But, sometimes, it's nice to have a fallback.  You know a "Go-To" that no matter how I've been living, I can count on being able to "Show Up" and please my wife....and myself, too, of course!

And, if you've been following my blogs you know I try a lot of natural remedies

Erectin E.D. Natural Treatment

for erectile dysfunction and "libido no go go".  Most don't do anything for me.  I've been into natural supplements long enough to draw my own conclusions as to why some work and some don't.  Usually, its a product consisting of old herbs that are not fresh and vibrant.  But, I also know there are other factors.  And, quite honestly, some of those factors are in my own body.  Sometimes, I need to jack up the amount of something I take for it to be effective or sometimes, I need to take it with coffee (hot water and caffeine really pumps things into my body) and sometimes I need more water.  There are a lot of variables. 

And, that's why I like Erectin.  Erectin is an herbal formula of several herbs that I talk about often...Tongkat Ali, Panax or Korean Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and several others.  And, these work for me under the right conditions like I just mentioned.  But, what's really cool is that they have taken some of the guesswork out of whether their product will work for me at any given time or not.  

First, they deal with stomach acid.  You see, the stomach is a brutal place.  And, the acids there can completely destroy herbs that find their way there.  By the time the herbs get into the body, they're toast.  Erectin has coated their capsules so that the stomach acid doesn't do quite the damage.  Rather, the capsule is then able to pass on to the intestine.....and, this is AWESOME!  The intestine is where most of the uptake of herbal ingredients happen.  

And, Erectin increases the effect, here, too.  Because once the capsule gets into the intestines, the clock is ticking.  It is a liquid gel so once it gets to the intestines, it breaks down and ABSORPTION begins.....this is critical.  And, I believe this is why this herbal treatment works for me.  The capsule makes it past my stomach then gets absorbed into my intestines so the herbs can do their thing. 

So, I don't take it every day of the year.  I usually keep a couple bottles on hand so, say my wife and I have a trip planned in a few weeks, I'll start taking it.  Of course, I get to enjoy all the activity during the lead up time to the trip.  But, then, the big benefit is that while we're traveling and enjoying some alone time together, I don't have to watch my alcohol or wonder if the Prime Flow is going to kick in on any particular day or night.  Erectin keeps me going so that anytime some spontaneous sex can occur, it most certainly does! 

There is one thing I want to clear up, though.  Their website says it'll make you bigger or longer.  To be clear, because you'll have more blood pumping through your penis, it will appear longer or bigger.  But, in truth, no pill can make you bigger or longer.  I can tell you, though, when I'm inside my wife, she can tell if I'm using it or not.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think.  They give a 100% satisfaction guarantee or complete money back offer.  So, you don't have anything to lose. 

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 Erectin Natural Herbal Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

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